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Guiding ideas to success!

All our products are custom build for the purpose of YOUR project! We offer development services for many technologies. Let us help you build your idea with the most fitting technology into a great software!

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We are a bunch of young, enthusiastic people striving to develop amazing software. Our main focus is to turn your great ideas into brilliant apps. We have more than 4 years of experience in development, it is our passion and we know how to do it right.



No matter what your project is capable of, if your users can't understand it, they won't use it. The goal of our approach is to create an easily understandable product by looking at the design through the eyes of the users.


We turn your idea into a complete product. All of our solutions are tailored to your needs, not boxed products. From the first meeting, until the end of our partnership, we will help you to fine tune your idea. Google play.

App development
Pocket Solutios


Different ideas call for different platforms. We are a diverse team capable of creating a solution for you on the most suited platform, let it be anything from web to mobile, even including augmented or virtual reality!

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Pocket Solutions

Hungary 1185 Budapest,
Üllői út 785.

+36 70 330 60 80

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