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Sprint Day 0

Day zero of the sprint is dedicated to preparation.

The goal of this day is to prepare for the week, this day mainly involves the facilitator.

The goal of the day is to:

1.Book a room for the entire week

2.Get as many whiteboards in the room as possible

3.Get a bunch of small and large sticky-notes

4.Green and red whiteboard markers - get more than you think you need, they just get lost.

5.Black felt-tip pens , this will be for sketching.

6.Masking tape - this will help you display the sketches.

7.Small and large dot stickers, for giving points.

8.Time Timers, these are a must for keeping track of time. I recommend getting two or three.

9.Healthy snacks to keep the energy flowing during the day.

+1 Make sure the room you book has decent airflow.

It is also recommended to go trough the main points of the book on this day.

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