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Sprint day 1

So, the big day is here. Everyone is hyped, and a bit tired for sure.

Monday is not for thinking about solutions, but more about building a foundation and sharing knowledge. To aid this we will create a Map where we will choose a specific point, which will be the focus of the sprint.

The day will go by slow, because it is a lot of talking and drawing on the map. However, this day is crucial.

First you are going to Start at the End, during this exercise we will look into the future and discuss how this project will look in 6, 12 and 60 months from now. For this everyone will need to think very positive.

You are going to write down a long term goal, which states that perfect future you imagined.

After this you'll change mood and think highly pessimistic. Now the task is to list out all the questions, risks, assumptions that might prevent this project from reaching the goal you just described. Make sure to write down all you can think of.

Design Sprint
Design Sprint

The word of the day is Map.

Make a simple diagram that shows how a customer moves through your product, this map should not be perfect at first and you will iterate it dozens of times.

After a good lunch you'll get to the next part where you Ask the Experts. Here you ask people who are experts on some part of the problem. These people might be in your sprint team or take part as external experts. Just interview them, ask the questions you previously wrote up.

The goal of this exercise is to have them improve your map. Remember to use a Timer to keep on track! Also make sure the team take How might we notes!

How might we notes are notes which start as how might we and then the issue. Everyone has to come up with these notes during the interviews. This format is important to speed things up, also it is a blessing when organising.

Pick a target. During the day you collected as many information as you could and continuously iterated the map. Now the decider has to pick the target of the Sprint from the map.

Look through the map, How might we questions, goals, potential issues and then the decider picks one specific target customer, one specific spot on the map, and one specific problem.

After this point the focus of the week is clear to everyone, go home take a good night rest, because you will need your energy the next day!


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