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Sprint day 2

Day two also known as Sketch day.

Yesterday was about understanding the problem and sharing knowledge. Today is about finding solutions. Today you will come up with the ideas that will become the building blocks for your prototype.

Today everyone will be making sketches. Sketching is a great tool to make abstract ideas in your head easily understandable for everyone. Anyone and everyone can sketch, most people just never do and due to this, they don't know how to start it.

Great innovative ideas often come from existing old ideas mixed together. This is how you will start the day on Tuesday. Gather inspiration from others, or even from you own company's old ideas. Save and print these ideas and present to the group. Make sure someone is dedicated to capture the great elements of these presentations on a whiteboard as drawings.

After a quick lunch the time has finally arrived for Sketching. Everyone will be working alone while following a four step guide.

Time Timer is important!

Step 1 - Go around the room and take notes of the printed materials and drawings you like.

Step 2 - Write down ideas, so you won't forget.

Step 3 - Crazy 8. Fold a piece of paper in half twice, and you will get 8 little spaces to draw your sketches. You have 1 minute to draw 8 sketches.

Step 4 - Solution. Solution will be a finished sketch on one or maximum two pieces of paper. It needs to be functional not pretty.

While sketching you will mostly draw boxes, stick figures, maybe a couple of words. So do not worry about your solution looking 'silly' or too simple.

That is it for today, get some rest and prepare for tomorrow!

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