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Sprint day 4

Thursday also called as Prototyping day. Today you have to build a realistic prototype, for this first of all have to pick the right tools.

The right tools are often not what you usually work with. You see, you only have a day to put the prototype together so speed is more valuable than perfect quality.

To choose the right tools the team will have to sit down and discuss the pros and cons of different tools. Use the time timer to not waste time in the morning.

Divide and conquer, divide the prototype to smaller tasks and task each member with one. Get someone to write all the text needed, get an asset collector etc.. Everyone can help somehow.

Wile making the prototype keep in mind the storyboard and make sure you don't differ. Once it seems like the prototype is taking shape around 3-4 pm, get the team together because it is time for a trial run.

People do make mistakes the goal of the trial run is to make sure we catch all the mistakes we can. This is also a good time to find at least two people who will conduct the interviews tomorrow, they should start writing the questions and scripts for that.

After the trials comes the part where you patch up the little gaps and issues you found. By the end of the day you got the entire prototype together and are ready for tomorrow's testing.


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