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Sprint Day 5

Friday is the day of the interviews, make sure to schedule the customers of the interviews prior to this day. You will also need to be ready with the interview questions, just as well with the plan for the interview.

These should always be one on one interviews with the rest of the team watching it or listening to it live. Make sure you record it, but even more importantly, make sure you ask for permission first.

Start the interview by setting the mood. Start with some small talk and get to know each other a little bit. This will help the customer lighten up and be more honest.

Introduce yourself and the product, make sure to tell them you did not make this prototype you are just conducting the interview. Let them know that the more they speak their mind the better. If the prototype crashes or freezes, just restart it and explain that this is just a prototype made in a short time.

While the interviews are taking place the team has to be in a separate room watching the live feed and taking notes. The more cameras you have the better. It is vital to record how the user interacts with the prototype, also it is nice to record their reactions and facial expressions. Often facial expressions say more than words. Take notes of everything, their questions, their recommendations,

At the end of the last interview you will put all your notes on the wall. It is important to have positive and negative notes too. Then what you will do is look for patterns as a team. You will look for similar notes and stick them together, you should end up with groups.

Now it is time to look back to Monday's questions, and see if you got the answers to them.

Make a plan. At the end of the day you have to evaluate the sprint week, here are the possible outcomes:

1.Flawed success - This is when the prototype was great, but the entire concept cannot work. This can be due to the market or technology.

2.Efficient failure - This is when customers did not react the way you were expecting to your prototype. This is good because you only spent a week on this idea not months.

3.Failure - This occurs when at the end of the week you were not able to answer any questions. Most likely you got off the right track during the week. This is a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes.

Regardless you result it is always a good idea to make a follow-up sprint. You can make it shorter as you have a lot of components already done.

Congrats! You made it to the end of the week. As far as it might have seemed on Monday, you have a whole lot of information on the topic. Make sure you use and document this information.


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